Tania Kassis concert at Casino du Liban

International soprano Tania Kassis concert, presented last week at Casino du Liban, was accompanied by an orchestra led by Mark Abou Naoum. The public also enjoyed the beautiful setting of the concert.


Tania Kassis Concert at Casino du Liban included dancing shows. © Archives Tania Kassis.


Tania Kassis concert was full of surprises. She presented new and old songs from her repertoire with beautiful choreographies by Hadi Awada. Marwan Khoury’s «Hob el Hayat». «Qam Marra» by Mike Massy. ​​«Chou l2ossa» composed by Johnny Fenianos. In addition, she performed the song «Ahuak» by Abdel Halim Hafez, and the eternal «Histoire d’un amour» of Dalida, in homage to Egypt.


© Archives Tania Kassis.



Tania Kassis looked amazing in her elegant black dress created by Elie Saab. Besides this glamorous look, a beautiful performance marked the opening of the concert, bringing together the children of Tania Kassis Music and Dance Academy, on the theme of her song «Land for All», that was previously launched in collaboration with the United Nations.



© Archives Tania Kassis.



The singer expressed her joy for appearing in front of her Lebanese audience. Tania Kassis pointed out that this celebration marked the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Ave Maria, which had propelled her on the international scene. In addition, she performed her famous song «Watani», which won the Murex d’Or for the Best Patriotic Song.

Tania Kassis concert did not fail to celebrate love, the main reason for her singing career. How? She sang wonderful songs such as «Shallow», which amazed the audience.



Beautiful effects of Tania Kassis concert at Casino du Liban. © Archives Tania Kassis.



Several personalities from the artistic, diplomatic and media world, attended the concert. Although coming from different walks of life, they danced to the rhythm of the great successes of last summer by Tania Kassis, such as «Chou Mkhabba layl».

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