«YOU… AS IS» slogan t-shirts by Dima Ayad

Following the success of the Lebanese designer’s line of «YOU… AS IS» slogan t-shirts, supported with a meaningful campaign for the celebration of each other at the moment, comes a special collaboration between Dima Ayad and noted jewelry designer, Nadine Kanso.



Dima Ayad and Nadine Kanso launch a limited edition of T-shirts with Arabic calligraphy. © Dima Ayad



The collaboration features five limited edition t-shirts with «YOU… AS IS» translated into Arabic- أنت… كماأنت – with Nadine’s unmistakeable calligraphy in gold and silver, to represent Dima’s signature metallics, as well as black and white iterations of the slogan.

Dima shares: «YOU… AS IS»  is a message that stems from inspiring and motivating people to be content and to celebrate themselves at the moment as they are. We’re surrounded by people working towards the future and striving to be better – that is definitely worth celebrating, but I think it’s also important that we don’t miss being in the moment; being content with who we are right now.»

The t-shirts by Dima Ayad and Nadine Kanso are available online at www.dima-ayad.zbni.co

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