Mukhi sisters: A successful Trio

Prestige issue 297, July-Aug.-Sept. 2019


Behind the driving force of Lebanese Jewelry brand Mukhi Sisters, there is a trio of strong and empowering sisters: Maya, Meena, and Zeenat Mukhi. On the eve of their tenth anniversary, Prestige talked with them about winning the Fashion Trust Arabia Prize. The pop-up boutique experience with Diane Von Furstenberg and their new collections.


Meena, Zeenat and Maya Mukhi accepting their Fashion Trust Arabia Prize. © Archives Mukhi Sisters.

«Our designs reflect a real and personal style»

Congratulations on your Fashion Trust Arabia Prize. Can you tell us what that win means to Mukhi Sisters?

Thank you. It’s an acknowledgment of our work, we see in it what will be an extra push for our brand to go global, for international exposure.

You were in New York for a pop up at Diane Von Furstenberg flagship store. Tell us about that experience.

We were very happy to find out that Diane Von Furstenberg herself requested that Mukhi Sisters hold a pop up at her flagship store in New York. It was an opportunity for us to see where we stand facing international standards. We had what it takes to manage and organize and make it a successful pop up. There was a lot of synergy between us and the team of DVF. Seeing Diane every day and having her follow up personally with us was very motivational and inspirational to us, to see her that involved made us look up to her even for future collaboration for sure. Visitors found in our pieces a different approach, a new style than the ones they are used to. We got to meet people from different nationalities, all in one space.

Mukhi Sisters is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, will there be a special collection?

Yes, we are working on a special collection. A first of its kind. We are also working on a couple of collaborations that we are very excited about.


The “No Guts No Glory” Collection. © Archives Mukhi Sisters.



Can you tell us more about your newest collection «No Guts No Glory»?

We call it our superhero collection because it’s the story of glory and it represents every woman who decided to be in charge of her own life. We were inspired by this kind of women, a real example that true power comes from within. The designs have circular and geometric forms, all in 18ct gold, drop-shaped rubies, oval sapphires, emerald, and diamonds. There are pendants and necklaces in the shape of a coin, like the armor of a warrior… One special aspect of this collection is the stacking game, especially with the necklaces, pendants, and rings.

If you had to describe Mukhi Sisters in 3 words?

Real, Bohemian chic essence, timeless.


© Archives Mukhi Sisters.


If each of you had to choose one piece from your collection as her favorite?

Maya: I can’t pick just one… My favorite right now would be the starshine bangles! Meena: Undoubtedly the Beiruti sunset pendant. This piece is a reminder that hope and belief keep us going, it’s one of our iconic pieces. Zeenat: Our Fleur de Lys rings, we launched them almost 8 years ago and we still make them! Our clients buy them by pairs and I have to say, I haven’t taken off mine since 2011.

What is next for Mukhi Sisters?

We are working on our e-shop to provide new Mukhi sisters online experience. Hopefully, also an international expansion.      Interview Conducted by Maria Nadim

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