Three heroines for the Lucky Move by Messika

Valerie Messika chose to cast three contemporary icons for the newest launch campaign of her collection The Lucky Move. The iconic faces are Kate Moss, Joan Smalls, and Sylvia Hoeks. «I wanted to create a trio of girls. A gang that represents women in their diversity. Each one embodies a type of beauty». says Valerie Messika.


Joan Smalls for Messika. © Messika.


The Collection

The collection is comprised of the Small Medallion which can be found as rings, earrings, and necklaces. The Large Medallion in long necklaces and hoops. The Bubble Set with a choker, bracelet, and ring, and finally, the Carabiner Set which comes in a necklace, bracelet, and 2-finger ring.  «This collection is a way for us to reinvent the iconic Move collection. The inspiration comes from the medallions that act as lucky charms, talismans. Lucky Move jewelry can be worn in so many ways», says Valérie Messika.


Sylvia Hoeks, Joan Smalls and Kate Moss. © Messika.


The diamond chokers flash incandescently with circles of yellow, pink or white gold. The XXL pendants are set on carabiner chains and illuminate signet rings with different types of geometry. All gold on the outside and plated inside and vice versa. Lucky Move can be engraved as desired with names, dates or sweet messages on one side.


Lucky Move collection by Messika. © Messika.



Some pendants are reversible, offering a versatile and fun touch. A sexy collection whose appeal is based on the contrast between the delicate medallions and strong geometric design of the Move motif.



Lucky Move rings by Messika. © Messika.


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