Joanna Dahdah aims for beauty and quality

Prestige issue 297, July-Aug.-Sept. 2019


Young, talented and good with handwork, designer Joanna Dahdah combines her passion for luxury with solid jewelry studies. Her collections inspired by Lebanese heritage, encounter a real success. Joanna just launched her online shop, an opening to the world highly deserved. Here’s what she told Prestige.


Lebanese talented and creative jewelry designer Joanna Dahdah. © Archives Joanna Dahdah.


Joanna Dahdah, how did your love for jewelry take shape?

I always wanted to work in the luxury world. I am very good with my hands. At sixteen, I took a course on jewelry making in the USA, and I wanted to make it my profession.

Tell us about your latest collection Cravate. What inspired you for this collection?

When it comes to jewelry, I always try to create a piece with a high effect and somehow surprising. Thus the idea of cravate «tie», a versatile jewel and easy to wear in many ways.


Necklaces from the Cravate collection. © Joanna Dahdah.



Your collection Tarbouche is a real tribute to Lebanon, between the tarbouche, the festouk (pistachio), the pomegranate and the manoucheh…how did you get the idea of that collection?

The Tarbouche idea came when a friend asked me to create a jewel linked to Lebanon. The success of Tarbouche stimulated me to imagine a lineup to the collection. I then sketched 11 pendants inspired by Lebanon.

In addition to your own creations, we can find in your boutique, that bears your name, a very beautiful selection of jewelers.

I sell effectively other designers, whom I admire the work and talent.

How do you choose the pieces and the designers?

I select jewels that I would wear myself. I also follow fashion trends.


Tarbouche necklace. © Archives Joanna Dahdah.



How would you describe the woman «Joanna Dahdah»?

The woman «Joanna Dahdah» is stylish, trendy and dynamic. She appreciates beauty and quality.

Do you remember your first jewel?

My first jewel is a pendant with a heart-shaped diamond offered by my parents for my 18 years birthday! I remember it very well because I often wear them.

You never go out without…

My mobile phone!

Your preferred stone?

The paraïba tourmaline. I love its history and color.

What are Joanna Dahdah projects?

I just launched an online shop that would allow me to sell my designs worldwide. Interview conducted by Maria Nadim

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