Clock tables

Prestige Watches Guide July-August 2014 

Clocks or sculptures?

Clock table with mysterious tourbillon Frank Jutzi

Frank Jutzi

© Frank Jutzi

Handmade 8 days movement with mysterious «flying» tourbillon, jumping hours. Silver tree trunk, ground and branches, 100 engraved and enameled ivy leaves, two cut and engraved kingfishers made of lapis lazuli with opal and onyx parts and 18ct gold feet, lapis lazuli base. Unique piece.



© Jaeger-LeCoultre

From the collection Hybris Artistica. Virtually perpetual movement that draws its energy solely from variations in temperature. Lateral wooden doors (crafted from Indian rosewood and horse chestnut) featuring handmade marquetry, two enamel miniatures reproduce the paintings Spring and Autumn by Alfons Mucha.

Duet Reuge & L’EPEE 1839


© L’Epée 1839 © Reuge

These two manufactures have joined forces to come up with a unique creation. A 40 days movement from L’Epée 1839 is paired to a 12 melodies music box movement from Reuge. A specific melody is played for 8 seconds on each new hour or on demand.

Mysterious Pendulum



© Hermès

On their transparent dial, the hours and minutes appear to be floating in a glass sphere. A palladium ring holding everything together, carries the movement mainplate which drives two superimposed sapphire discs, each bearing a hand.


Schlumpf innovations

© Schlumpf Innovations

Weight-driven mechanical clockwork, steel pendulum with a diameter of 40cm, steel gears with a diameter of 60cm, escapement wheel with a diameter of 49cm, load transmission by means of torque-driven springs, high-precision ball and needle bearings.