Maggie Baroud: From hobby to business

Prestige issue 255, October 2014

Maggie Baroud

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Who is Maggie Baroud? With a Degree in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut, AUB, my passion for creativity began at the age of 13 years. I created accessories for my friends who were my first clients, and with time, the jewelry pieces that I designed and realized by hand were popular. From a simple hobby, this work has become a real business, serious, which is now over 15 years. I think the important thing is how to evolve and renew oneself. Without any pretension, I am a pioneer in accessories in Lebanon.

Tell us about your accessories …Most of my pieces are 925g silver gold plated in18 K and set with semi-precious stones from around the globe. The colors and style vary by season. Currently I’m focused on the harmony created between my designs and the latest fashion trends presented by the designers. My collections include classic and modern designs of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, bags, belts and head ornaments.

To whom your creations are destined? Combining vintage oriental traditional spirit to the modern look of the west, my creations are for women of all ages. To girls and trendy women as to the ladies of a certain age who prefer the classic style. I participate in exhibitions held in Lebanon and I give my accessories to applicants of TV programs like Star Academy, Arab Idol and The Voice. My collections are exhibited in Lebanon, in most Gulf countries, UK and Lagos.

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