“Resistance and Persistence” Exhibition

Prestige issue 279, October 2016

When contemporary art invades the public space in Beirut



René Mouawad garden in Sanayeh Beirut. © Art in Motion



Art in Motion is a non-profitable organization founded by Rania Tabbara and Rania Halawi, independent curators and Raya Farhat, independent artistic director, helped by Valerie Reinhold, consultant and independent curator established in Amsterdam. Sharing a common vision of contemporary art and its determining role in society to «awaken consciences and establish a force of cohesion», Art in Motion organizes an exhibition at Jardin René Mouawad Sanayeh, in the heart of Beirut. By joining 24 artists from the MENA region who exhibit beside international artists with a dialogue between the pieces, the event is representative of the values and ambitions of Art in Motion. At the program, exhibition of art pieces, public debates telling that art is not only culture but running in society, meetings with artists and contemporary art specialists shedding light on local works and their impact on the regional and international artistic scene, initiation workshops on different forms of expression… An art in motion.




1- Xander Spronken Flower Forged Steel 197 x 60 x 60cm. Unique piece Courtesy of Samir Abillama 2- Houmam Al Sayed Citizenno zero – 2013 Resin 136 x 115 x 85cm Base: 40 x 90 x 90cm. Edition of 5 Courtesy of Agial Gallery



René Mouawad garden in Sanayeh adorned with artistic pieces, sculptures, conceptual art and design.




1- Cathy Weyders Rescue igloo, Moving worlds – 2016 Life Jackets 200cm diameter. Courtesy of the Artist. 2- Nabil Helou Public Art Sculpture 250 x 460 x 275cm Fiberglass 2016 Unique piece. Courtesy of the artist




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