First Days of La Mode à Beyrouth

La mode à Beyrouth is an annual event due to the organization of Johnny Fadlallah. This year Ingie Paris under the direction of Ingie Chalhoub, guest of honor organized a fashion show for the first time in Beirut presenting a modern and minimalist style for the woman. She was honored by the minister of Tourism who praised Johnny Fadlallah for the organization of this event as well as all the creative Lebanese worldwide.




View from the final of Ingie Paris Catwalk.





The second day Fouad Sarkis presented his collection Nomad, for him the woman is a butterfly or a mermaid, his fashion show was crowned by several wedding gowns. The remarkable presence of Dièse from The Voice France who was noticed in all her elegance.





View of the Fouad Sarkis fashion show.















Dièse from the Voice France in the public.

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