Montblanc celebrates 30 years of partnership with Tamer Frères

Prestige issue 279, October 2016




Around the cake


Montblanc celebrates its 110th anniversary of the creation of the brand and locally 30 years of collaboration with his partner Tamer. For the occasion Tamer Brothers organized a dinner Thursday, September 22 at Villa Tamer where collectors have come to admire some of the new collection. The friendly atmosphere, the conversations exchanged on the latest designs of Montblanc watches, the warm gracious hosts, made this evening a remarkable event.




Jean Tamer and Dr Joumana Tamer, RF Sélim Daccache and Nicolas Baretzki.
Elham Raphael, Wadad El Merhebi and Rima Tabbara.











Talal El Merhebi, Ahmad Tabbara and Sadek Sawwaf.
Dr Paul and Raja Khawli, Meryem el Arja.

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