Interview Miss Lebanon 2016


Sandy Tabet Miss Lebanon 2016.



Prestige met Sandy Tabet the new Miss Lebanon 2016 who talked about her emotions and dreams.





Sandy Tabet, 21. Miss Lebanon 2016. 174cm, 53kg. Master in Finance, USJ. Horoscope: Sagittarius.



How do you feel after being crowned Miss Lebanon? Frankly, I’m still shocked and very touched. Sounds like a dream that I still do not believe. And yet I was not afraid on the podium, I was pretty happy to be on stage for the first time in my life … It’s an honor to wear that title that I will keep forever. I am very touched and very proud to have the opportunity to represent Lebanon abroad and reflect its image of beauty and culture.

How do you react to gossip? By becoming aware of my own value, by developing my self-esteem, I will avoid gossip, this will allow me to overcome my feelings of victim and grow, while respecting the opinions of others.

What place occupies social media in your life? Social networks are now one of the most influential sources and widely used by most people. I have always been active on various social networks. Now more than ever, they are a tool that allows me to express my gratitude to all those who support me. And even to promise to do my best not to disappoint them.

What is your greatest quality? And your main flaw? Perseverance is my main quality, it has always guided me in my decisions and my actions. It allowed me to never give up and always believe in myself and in my dreams, no matter what. I would like to point out that no one is perfect and we all have flaws that must be overcame through perseverance.

Who is your hero in life? Mother Teresa. I love children and I am very close to them. I dream to achieve 1 or 2% of her humanitarian journey.

What is your favorite color? I think that each color has its own definition, linked to a particular character. Personally, I will opt for white, symbolizing purity, brilliance and clarity, which expresses my character.

What are your hobbies? I like modeling, Zumba dance and ballet that I practiced for six years. Caring for children in general is particularly close to my heart and mainly teaching my brother and my cousins.

What is your perception of the ideal man? Can we know if the heart of Sandy is free? The ideal man is the one who respects the woman. The heart is never free, whether occupied by a partner, friends or family. I prefer not to talk about my private life, because my goal now is to represent my country.

What was your little girl dream? My dream is to have a successful life. Being crowned Miss Lebanon is only the beginning of that dream. I have a long way to go and every successful step would open new opportunities for me to allow me to realize my dream.

What would you like to do at the end of your mandate? I think my life after Miss Lebanon will be much different than before. Today I have many responsibilities to assume, Promises to Keep, a new route to initiate and pursue, a route for which I am ready to sacrifice my life. Life after Miss Lebanon will be the one that everyone would like to live, not for its popularity and fame, but to achieve the objectives for various social causes, as well as the representation of a country as beautiful as Lebanon. I hope the audience will appreciate my work.

A last wish? It is rather a thanks from the heart to those who have believed in my abilities and supported me through.






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