Invictus Intense or Olympéa Intense, which team are you?

Paco Rabanne, revolutionary couturier. The creator of radical fashion that shook up the sixties. Creator too of the first catwalk happenings, with models parading barefoot. His tour de force: sensual shapes constructed in industrial materials, but free to move. Armour as sensual clothing, metal as second skin. Bold!

Radical, free, avant-garde. These codes are still the core of Paco Rabanne fashion and scent. Scents that are architectural but free-spirited. Strong and unconven-tional, open wide to fantasy.
Those of victory are behind the creation  of Invictus in 2013. The champion, nothing nor no one can resist. Two years on, and Olympéa gives the power to women. With them, we can be heroes! Invictus is man in all his force, the infallible hero who never gives in. A God on Earth. Olympéa is the ultimate icon, unique. Razor-sharp mind, majestic body, a divine queen. Two exceptional figures, together for an explosive encounter…


Olympéa Instense & Invictus Intense, the new perfumes by Paco Rabanne. ©Paco Rabanne


Duel at the top

At the Pantheon of demigods all is calm. But the law of the strongest always instinctively prevails. Olympéa dreams of power, Invictus thinks only of winning. Why settle for second best? How best not to bore when nothing resists you? To keep things interesting, its important to have fun. To stay at the top, you need to practice. Together, is better.
All change. The atmosphere is electric, the sky darkens. Invictus is at the height of his power. Unrelenting, ever more desirable, ready to win. Olympéa is at her apogee. Defiant, sexy queen, wilder than ever. The time has come to meet the challenge, may the battle commence. Spectacular effects for her. A show of power for him. Our two rivals, protagonists, use imagination and cunning. An exhilarating duel…



Behind the scenes with Nick Yougquest. ©Paco Rabanne



Invictus Intense

A trophy for our winner (a natural reward) in a Paco Rabanne-esque turn. The object of desire: a solid glass goblet topped with an exultant shining-metal cap. Robustly pure. Athletic. The contrasts heighten through their balance. A base that plays it cool and a cap that goes for the force of detail: distinct and chiselled gadroons, architectural handles. A sculptural finish. The Intense version, an opportunity for the trophy to assert a new power. Darker, deeper – right down to the scent. Varnished graduated transparent glass for the goblet, gunmetal cap and steel-blue liquid. Intensity takes over.



Invictus Intense, a sexy woody-amber scent. ©Paco Rabanne



Almighty  wood

Exhilarating freshness versus wild sensuality. Invictus plays on the shock between blazing amber woods and the marine “salty skin” accord, in a woody-fresh wake. To make Invictus Intense, Juliette Karagueuzoglou joined forces with Anne Filpo and Dominique Ropion. To create a sexy woody-amber. Without dropping any of the tension or masculine identity (wood-ambergris duo), wildness is left behind to plunge into a heady sensuality. At the scent’s base, a malt salty-amber accord with dynamic wood. And salt, the hallmark of Invictus. Amber for an intensified, sensual effect. Both add balance. Once again, two forces come face to face and then merge. Magnetic duel. First comes a spicy-fresh drive: green-aromatic laurel leaf and orange blossom electrified by the black pepper-cardamom duo. Incisive freshness for an aftershock that’s seriously sensual. Malt dominates. Supple, enveloping, sweet liqueur. The ambergris accord brings a soft, woody warmth. In contrast, the force of black amber and woods, for a sea-salty- skin effect. A rippling heat finale, at its peak.



Nick Youngquest, Invictus it’s him! ©Paco Rabanne


Serial Winner

Nick Youngquest’s face is familiar (his body, too): Invictus, it’s him! The image of this champion, just unforgettable: in supernatural surroundings, savouring the euphoria of victory. Nick is the archetypal fantasy hero, the man we would put on a par with the gods. To lifeless beauty and uniform celebrities, he brings raw masculinity. The muscles of a champion in the body of Apollo (Nick was a professional sportsman). Blue eyes. A real man. In (real) life, the handsome 33-year-old Australian is a model and yoga teacher. He’s perfect.



Olympéa or the sacred female. ©Paco Rabanne


Olympéa Intense

A perfect apparition. The Olympéa bottle revisits the sacred female. In its own way. A glass circle, solar, clasped with a crown of copper-coloured metal. Classic antique codes with a touch of an ultra-modern allure. Geometry and symmetry embody strength. Curves and proportions bring sensuality. The perfect construction. For the Intense version, amber sets the tone and takes over the design. Incandescent metal for the illustrious, coveted laurels. Polished amber resin for the dome. A scent with notes of musk in harmony with oriental vanilla. A powerful assertion of femininity.



Olympia Intense takes sensuality up a level. ©Paco Rabanne



Oriental sensual

Flashback. Olympéa dares the duality of a transparent floral freshness and the sensuality of a “salty-vanilla” accord, wrapped up in cashmere wood. A scent by Loc Dong, with Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion. For Olympéa Intense, Loc Dong keeps the same structure and takes sensuality up a level. An even more salty-vanilla, unfolding in the soft heat of amber, warmed with woods. Beautiful complexity. The perfumer always imagines a duel in which opposites attract. On one side, a floral pulse: white pepper against orange blossom absolu (faux-nonchalance) and grapefruit flower. Return (to favour) of a powerful addiction: vanilla explodes in the reverberating warmth of cedar wood. Supple, deep, a hint of salt. White amber and an ambergris accord add to the effect. Musk, velvet. The feeling of warm skin, salty from the sea. Olympéa appears, a sexy queen, and takes down all who stand in her way.



Luma Grothe personifies Olympéa Intense. ©Paco Rabanne



Divine Beauty

To personify Olympéa Intense, Luma Grothe is back, the emblematic face of Olympéa. At just 23 years old, this model has already worked for the top names. Born in Brazil, her German, Japanese and African roots make her unique. A natural and feline beauty with enchanting eyes. Luma slips perfectly into the skin of this high-heeled fantasy goddess, managing to defy the gods, with no heed to the jealousy she ignites. Her grace – phenomenal – is as remarkable as her gaze: amused and intense.





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