Mouawad a Story of Excellence

Fred, Alain and Pascal Mouawad. © Mouawad




With a history of excellence in its field dating back to more than a century, Mouawad remains a family business built upon artistic excellence, superb craftsmanship, enchanting customers since 1890 with magnificent jewels and watches.

The journey began with David Mouawad the founder, than his son Fayez who introduced luxury watches into the Arabian Peninsula. Robert’s artistic talent and passion for diamonds furthered the phenomenal success of the company,  that is now led by 4th generation co-guardians, Fred, Alain and Pascal Mouawad.




Hearts and arrows diamonds ensuring the best quality. © Mouawad




Mouawad is a totally independent company integrating vertically an entire chain, to begin by the acquisition of the rough diamond at source, until the cutting of the piece that will be set in a jewel, which design is created and executed by the in-house teams of Mouawad, to be sold later in Mouawad boutiques through effective marketing plans.

The Mouawad creative design team develops original and unique collections, they also create bespoke designs to satisfy the customers imagination and requests. From concept to production, Mouawad’s passion is to produce the finest, highest quality and most elegant jewelry in the world.




Bespoke creations to satisfy the clients requests. © Mouawad




All Mouawad jewelry goes through a rigorous quality control process. © Mouawad




The Mouawad family strongly believes in the benefits of education and research, showing a strong belief in the Gemological Institute of America, its mission, emphasis on excellence and the commitment of its people. The Mouawad family supported the GIA in 1997 when it was building its World Headquarters through the Robert Mouawad Campus at the Gemological institute.

Since 2012 Mouawad became a sightholder through a 50% joint venture with renowned premier gem corporation. The Premier Diamond Alliance offers a guaranteed route of conflict-free and expertly cut and polished diamonds to the market.

Sightholder status gives Mouawad a unique access to best- quality rough diamonds that is unequalled among jewelry retailers.

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