The President of the Republic activities during the month of May

Baabda palace in blue light during the autism event.



April 28, 2017

At the end of the month of April, month of awareness on autism. The president of the Republic Michel Aoun and the first Lady lit the presidential palace with blue light. The president said in his speech that autistic children are part of our society and are entitled to have the same rights, especially to be integrated in their human environment.



President Michel Aoun signing the book in the presence of his wife Nadia.


President Michel Aoun signs copies of his book «What I believe»

May 7, 2017

Lessons of life for future generations…That’s how the president of the Republic summarizes his book «What I believe», published in Arabic and French. The dedication of copies of the book, that depicts the unusual path and the philosophy of the head of the state, took place at the presidential palace in Baabda, in the presence of political, diplomatic personalities, media and friends. «I don’t know if I would mark the history of my country, but I would like the future generations to know better about my way of thinking», said president Michel Aoun. The proceeds of the book will finance environmental projects, the main project being the plantation of cedars on the Lebanese mountains, to link these mountains with a green belt.



The president receiving delegations from LDE at Baabda palace.


Conference of the Lebanese Diaspora Energy LDE

May 6, 2017

The president of the Republic received at Baabda palace participants to the conference of Lebanese Diaspora Energy, who could visit the different corners of the palace.These conferences aim to reinforce the relations of the Lebanese abroad with their fellow countrymen in Lebanon. The president said in front of the delegations: «We are determined to make Lebanon the center of the Middle East, we should work to create a liable community similar to the different strong lobbies on the international political scene. On Thursday may 4, the president of the republic declared during the opening of the conference at Biel Beirut, to the 2000 participants who came from four corners of the world: «The country awaits your contribution to its construction and prosperity, keep your identity, it is your history and your roots.»


66th anniversary of the Lebanese University

May 4, 2017

The president of the Republic wanted to be present at the ceremony that celebrated the 66th anniversary of the Lebanese university. He said in his speech: «Lebanon gets the force of his presence, through its scientific, cultural, human and civilized radiance, like all developed countries of the world who invest in the human and not only in the stone. The Lebanese university offers equal chances to the Lebanese youth, we should work to strengthen the Lebanese university by taking it away from political changes and by working on the evolution of the different faculties through continuous support.»


Meetings at Baabda palace

May 5, 2017

The president of the Republic encountered the president of the Brazilian parliament and the Congolese minister of Foreign Affairs. He said in his speech: «Don’t listen to the voices of doubtful people who are seeking to settle political accounts, and be sure that we are working on all levels that Lebanon could recover its powers». The president: «The economical and financial situation is in constant improvement and it is not possible to regulate everything in six month term».


Financial campaign for the Red Cross

May 8, 2017

Date that coincides with the commemoration of Henry Dunan, founder of the Red Cross, the President of the Republic launched the annual campaign of funds collection for the Lebanese Red Cross for the year 2017 during a ceremony at the presidential palace.

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