Biel is moving


The prolific events and entertainment destination is changing its address and looking forward to a new chapter in its successful story.
This move is a statement of BIEL Group’s commitment to innovation and progress, and it is their first step in the launch of a new set of offerings that set them apart from the rest of the market.
The new space will be located in the up-and-coming area of Tahouita, and allows the new BIEL to host, organize and create much larger and more elaborate events, whilst always maintaining the highest standards of quality and professionalism.
“We are very excited about BIEL’s new space, as it offers us several opportunities in terms of size and capacity, which will be a very attractive feature to clients and even organizers in the market” said Riad Jouedi, “But what makes BIEL different from the rest of the event spaces in the country is the knowhow, experience and vision of the people behind the operation. That is the real catalyst behind the BIEL experience” he added.
Today, BIEL is in the process of being developed and will be operational in its first phase by April, with an exciting line-up of engaging events and Exhibitions that Lebanon has come to expect from the iconic brand.
To find out more please contact BIEL: [email protected]
Telephone: 01-995555

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