Magnificent summer 2019 evening in Lebanon

A huge event is planned to take place in Beirut during June 2019. Organized by Nisrine Hobeika Consultancy, in collaboration with Multi-Vision, this great night will gather local and international VIP’s.



© Nisrine Hobeika.




  • Tell us about this evening… The «Ball» event that will take place in Beirut Lebanon with the collaboration of Multi-vision company, in June 2019 at the most luxurious resort in Lebanon, will be attended by VIPs local and international personalities and entrepreneurs and stars.


  • International stars and VIP’s are expected at this event. What do you aim for through this event? The special attendance of Mrs. Paris Whitney Hilton, the number one socialite media personality, businesswoman will add an outrageous touch for this magical night in Beirut and will contribute effectively to make Lebanon always the best place to be.


  • What distinguishes this event from others in the same line? What distinguishes this event is the high media exposure we will have internationally because of its unique luxury content, regarding the Lebanese and international attendees and guests.


  • What are the advantages of such an event for Lebanon? The advantages of such an event are to put Lebanon first as it always has been in the luxury and best image of business, entertainment, and communication worldwide. On the beautiful blessed land of Lebanon, we hope to always join cultures, countries, and people for the best projects to come.


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