Prestige issue 126, November 2003
Its beauty was sung by Al-Mutanabbi and Lawrence of Arabia. Testimony of so many civilizations, melting pot of culture, city of pluralism and openness. Delicious stop on the Silk Road, Antique Aleppo, city of gardens which offered its fountains to thirsty travelers,
Prestige issue 264-265, July-August 2014-2015
At the kind invitation of the Embassy of South Korea in Lebanon and the Korean Ministry of Culture «Global Culture Promotion Division», Pr. Bassam Lahoud made a trip in the state of East Asia, a majestic entrance in history to the ancient kingdom, to discover the beautiful
Prestige issue 103, december 2001
High - Egypt. Initiatory journey through space and time, in the land of great builders. Along this untamed river whose mysterious rhythm inspired myths and legends, from ancient times until today, the Nile continues to fascinate its contemplators.
Prestige issue 257-258 Dec 20104, Jan. 2015
By advocating austerity, humility, manual work and evangelization, St. Francis of Assisi inspired the current Pope Francis to take his name and preach the same beliefs as those of the Saint.
Prestige issue 257-258, Dec. 2014-Jan. 2015
Play the Sissi in Vienna, like the late legendary star Romy Schneider who played on the big screen the life of Empress Elisabeth. She liked to take her morning coffee and walk to the Gazebo, part of the Schönbrunn Palace and monumental construction enthroned at the top of the hill. But Vienna is also the cathedral of Saint-Etienne,
Prestige issue 272, March 2016
The famous ski resort of Savoy, Courchevel, nestled at 1100-2700m above sea level, is known for its very active tourism. This year's calendar is loaded with new activities, to the delight of people passionate of performances in the mountains. A first special Fair of helicopter mountain rescue,

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