Prestige issue 127-128, Dec-Jan. 2003-2004
At 32 kms from Aleppo. A mountain. A place of pilgrimage. Qal’at Simaan, the citadel of Simeon. The saint lived there 42 years on a pillar. He was called the Stylite. His asceticism fascinated. His faith was mobilizing crowds. When he died, people wanted to make the richest tribute to the man who had made a vow of poverty. Around this pillar was built a large church.
Its name does not inspire joy, this sea that is actually a huge salt lake of more than 800km2, is the delight of thousands of tourists. What attracts so many people to this dream destination? Is it the paradisiacal setting? Is it the luxurious hotels that grow along its shores,
Prestige issue 283, Feb. Mar. Ap. May 2017
At an hour and a half flight from Beirut and one hour from Cairo, far from the interminable traffic jams and the infernal noisy capitals, Sharm el Sheikh is a haven of peace
Prestige issue 257-258, Dec. 2014-Jan. 2015
Play the Sissi in Vienna, like the late legendary star Romy Schneider who played on the big screen the life of Empress Elisabeth. She liked to take her morning coffee and walk to the Gazebo, part of the Schönbrunn Palace and monumental construction enthroned at the top of the hill. But Vienna is also the cathedral of Saint-Etienne,

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