Art at Phoenica Hotel



A new phase in the collaboration between Phoenicia Hotel and Rebecca Russo, president of Videoinsight® Foundation, was launched on 20th May 2016, with the opening of VIDEO ART PROJECT II: LOVE TO LOVE. This new exhibition of seven pieces of contemporary video art, courtesy of Rebecca Russo and Videoinsight® Foundation, is open to the general public and on display in the Phoenicia lobby space.

The event includes the launch of a Video Art Competition, whose aim is to encourage and inspire artists in Lebanon. Entrants will compete for the grand prize of having their video work showcased at the Videoinsight® Foundation in Italy and the Phoenicia Hotel as well as a weekend stay at the Phoenicia for the winning artist. Artists interested in taking part in the competition are invited to inquire for more details by emailing [email protected].

This competition adds to the Phoenicia’s established reputation as an art hotel that not only features many world-class works throughout its premises, but also seeks to support artists in Lebanon and the region, encouraging their talent to grow.

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