Prestige issue 279, October 2016
Dior. «Skyline» Collection, Autumn 2016, under the theme of architecture. Designed by Peter Philips, Director of the creation and image of Makeup Dior, the «Skyline» look explores the multiple possibilities of shades
Prestige issue 259, February 2015
At the approach of spring, the Maison Dior, famous for mastering color, sets the tone for the season. Refreshing, uplifting. Kingdom of Colors, the spring star palette, the color consecration. The light flashes of a graphical palette of customized textures for the skin, eyes and lips, blending mid tones and bright colors, pastel hues and contrasting solids.
Prestige issue 262, May 2015
Gradient sand beige or blue lagoon, solar shades, tie & dye effect on the lips ... The colors of the new summer collection Dior Makeup vibrate, stretch, molt as saturated by light.
Prestige issue 255, October 2014
Dior has managed to reveal the link between insufficient sleep and accelerated aging of the skin. With this discovery, its researchers have wanted to create a night cream targeted for delicate skin. They have highlighted the power of buds first outbreak of the Rose of Granville. A new clip infused into a vector exclusive penetration has spawned the ritual night Dior Prestige.

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