Prestige issue 251, June 2014
Karl Lagerfeld presented the Cruise Collection of Chanel 2014/2015 on The Island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. "It was time to give a new life to the oriental style because Orient has its importance in the history of the 21st century" assures Karl Lagerfeld. After joining The Island in abra, the nearly thousand guests attended the show in a magical oasis in the shadow of the double C moucharabiehs built for the occasion
Prestige issue 252, July 2014
Jennifer Lopez. The actress chose this pair of sunglasses from the Buckle collection of Salvatore Ferragamo, among the 4 colors of the collection: black and gold, palladium and light tan, dark tan and gold, ivory and gold, a dialogue between tradition and modernity.
Prestige issue 252-253, July-August 2014
Before each holiday, packing problem can be a real challenge. For summer vacation you should take comfortable clothes, and yet fashionable and with accessories. Based on your destination, the activities you planned, the environment, climate and customs of the place should be important elements you need to consider which could also make your job easier. Follow a few tips to know what to pack for your summer vacation.
Prestige issue 254, September 2014
This Week of Parisian Haute Couture took place during a vacationer summer with rare sun, cloudy skies and raindrops... The weather went ahead of fashionistas and already dressed for the winter season. A new season that creators wanted full of light, with flamboyant colors, historical and modern at once

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