Prestige issue 255, October 2014
Sportswear has always been part of the identity of Chanel. Pioneer, Gabrielle Chanel opened shops in resorts, where outdoor activities developed. Bold and avant-garde, she imagined sportswear, elegant and comfortable outfits. Karl Lagerfeld continues the spirit of Gabrielle Chanel by combining sportswear in women's closet. Precursor,
Mango and Net-à-porter present, on the occasion of Ramadan, original and distinguished abayas. Noble fabrics, dazzling and shimmering colors, floral or monochrome pieces, they are destined to the elegant and distinguished woman.
Prestige issue 256, November 2014
It was a chance meeting. Painter Franca Casagli was seating in her pavilion surrounded by her dancing hand painted silk scarves at the milanese fair WHITE: a unique and poetic vision. Prestige talked to this award-winning Italian painter who expresses herself through her «foulard d’auteur».

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