Paula is a gifted woman, holding many talents from her family. Her grandfather was the Emir of Zeitoun in Armenia. We met her after her election to the Lebanese parliament,
When you realize that she was born in Australia and she had the biggest success in Hollywood, it makes sense. Cate Blanchett was chosen as the most important international movie star in the world,
Difficult to define Raghida Dergham in few words. Political analyst, correspondent, commentator, she is above all a journalist. A national and international journalist.
Melhem Riachi is one of a kind minister, in the Hariri government. Not only because he is the representative of Dr Samir Geagea but surely because he is one of the artisans
Prestige has found top leading women in the hospitality industry to conduct interviews with, to tell us more about their experiences. Nadia Madi, director of Sales & Marketing

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