Prestige issue 251, June 2014
Born on the island of Madeira in 1985, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro (called Cristiano Ronaldo or CR7) began his professional career in Portugal, before joining Manchester United in 2003, where he scored more than 100 goals in 6 years. While leaving Manchester United for Real Madrid in 2009, he is the subject of the highest transfer in the history of football!
Prestige issue 251, June 2014
Belonging and commitment, two watchwords constituting the charter, the creed of Georges Salloum Jreij, new barrister of Beirut, first president of the Bar Association to be elected with a proportion of more than 55% of the electoral assembly since the first ballot.
Prestige issue 3, August 1993
There are encounters that one never forgets. This is one of them. Who didn’t keep for Zaki this tenderness we have for talented beings? His face remains an image symbol of our heritage.
Prestige issue 4, September 1993
May Moussa. Speaking to her is going back a few decades. A return to the past inevitably laden with melancholy and nostalgia, you say; Yet I had the ineffable pleasure of finding a vibrant watercolor colors, decorated with abundant wit, chili gossips of yesterday, the reunion with a past not so distant, still living.
Prestige issue 249, April 2014
Under the partnership with Dubai Boat Show, Officine Panerai whose history is closely linked to the sea, is present with an exhibition of his submersible watches in the registration room for VIPs. An opportunity to meet for lovers of the marine world and Panerai watches. Milvin Georges, Regional Director
Prestige issue 1, June 1993
In the aesthetic sense, the soul is the principle that breathes life to the canvas, allowing the breath to animate the material, transforming the artist into a creative power, in a name: Saliba Douaihy. This initiated, with the privilege or the supreme power to create, mark of a form of spirituality, the canvas being now the mediator, which allows the mystical and transcendental inscription of the painter.
Prestige issue 249, April 2014
interior architecture is her background and styling is her great passion. Passion of one day, expressed on the benches of the school, through models of dresses she drew to her friends; passion always revealed through the fashion workshop that bears her name,
Prestige issue 6, December 1993
She has this unique way of appearing. Sumptuous, she literally shines like her nickname that she took since the beginning of her artistic journey, fifty years earlier. She incarnates the bright and secure face of happiness, of love that she never ceases to sing and live.
Prestige issue 252-253, July-August 2014
She has the gift of speech, eloquence, an innate grace ... And the art of good speaking, straightforward, spontaneous, critical and

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