Prestige issue 92, January 2001
With a disarming nature, unusual character, authentic, inseparable from the humanitarian scene, working tirelessly in the shadow, like a laborious ant, to the rebirth of culture and preservation of heritage, renowned for her work yet to an exemplary discretion. We met the MP in her beloved city, far from the media spotlights.
Roula Mezher plans innovating events to attract a large public. To begin with City Picnic organized at Beirut hippodrome which encountered a big success, than Retroville organized at Dream Park of Zouk Mosbeh.
Difficult to define Raghida Dergham in few words. Political analyst, correspondent, commentator, she is above all a journalist. A national and international journalist.
Prestige issue 34, March 1996
Skillful fingers fix colors and nodes on a NAWL. Leaning on her loom, a Bedouin revives the tradition and takes one to one every thousand gestures. She suddenly looks up and raises her arms. A woman walks toward her, very beautiful, with simple majesty. It’s her! Exclamations broke out in the workshop ...
Prestige issue 89, October 2000
Karam Melhem Karam: A heavy patronyme. Probably because in the language of Gibran and Neaimeh, it means generosity. An attribute that is not sufficient to describe the monument that Karam Karam bequeathed to the"Arab literature and the press of the Orient, encyclopedic. A world of two thousand books. It is to his son who knew how to honor this legacy that we
Prestige issue 249, April 2014
interior architecture is her background and styling is her great passion. Passion of one day, expressed on the benches of the school, through models of dresses she drew to her friends; passion always revealed through the fashion workshop that bears her name,

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