Prestige issue 269-270,Dec.2015-Jan.2016
She exchanged her crown of Miss Lebanon 2014 against a white wedding gown…Happy woman, Saly Greige was engaged to Antoine, the man she loves since their first meeting. Engaged woman, she continues to defend women’s rights.
Roula Mezher plans innovating events to attract a large public. To begin with City Picnic organized at Beirut hippodrome which encountered a big success, than Retroville organized at Dream Park of Zouk Mosbeh.
Since fifteen years, she runs, builds and develops her dream, the Marathon. A dream that took shape on her hospital bed where during two years she overcame with incredible courage
Prestige issue 269-270, Dec.2015-Jan.2016
She was just 18 years old when she began her career which unveils her passion for gemology in the Bulgari department. 35 years later, Lucia Silvestri is still there travelling around the world selecting the best gems and doing the job that only the Bulgari brothers had done in the past, Director of Gem Acquisitions.
Prestige issue 83, April 2000
Very strong, very woman, Nouhad Souhaid surprises by an undeniable presence, the energetic gesture, a subtle humor perfectly balanced. While belonging to the world of "old politics", she remains a symbolic figure inseparable from the current Lebanese democratic life. She defines herself maliciously as not being a model of Grandmother,
Prestige issue 271, february 2016
In his book «La Vérité même si ma voix tremble», Assaad Chaftari, former No. 2 of Kataeb intelligence services during the civil war and current activist, member of movements, NGOs and the coalition Wahdatouna khalasouna, makes his public mea -culpa and advocates for change

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