Prestige issue 92, January 2001
With a disarming nature, unusual character, authentic, inseparable from the humanitarian scene, working tirelessly in the shadow, like a laborious ant, to the rebirth of culture and preservation of heritage, renowned for her work yet to an exemplary discretion. We met the MP in her beloved city, far from the media spotlights.
Since fifteen years, she runs, builds and develops her dream, the Marathon. A dream that took shape on her hospital bed where during two years she overcame with incredible courage
Prestige issue 269-270, Dec.2015-Jan.2016
She was just 18 years old when she began her career which unveils her passion for gemology in the Bulgari department. 35 years later, Lucia Silvestri is still there travelling around the world selecting the best gems and doing the job that only the Bulgari brothers had done in the past, Director of Gem Acquisitions.
Prestige issue 260, March 2015
A true visionary, an influential fashion icon, a silhouette alchemist… a true artist. At the helm of Lanvin since 2001, Alber Elbaz revived the world’s oldest couture fashion house, a sleeping beauty until his arrival. His down-to-earth creations ooze timeless elegance... with a touch of fun, the Alber way. Lanvin knows no age barrier and translates easily across the generations.
Prestige issue 252-253, July-August 2014
She has the gift of speech, eloquence, an innate grace ... And the art of good speaking, straightforward, spontaneous, critical and
Prestige issue 1, June 1993
In the aesthetic sense, the soul is the principle that breathes life to the canvas, allowing the breath to animate the material, transforming the artist into a creative power, in a name: Saliba Douaihy. This initiated, with the privilege or the supreme power to create, mark of a form of spirituality, the canvas being now the mediator, which allows the mystical and transcendental inscription of the painter.

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