Prestige issue 83, April 2000
Very strong, very woman, Nouhad Souhaid surprises by an undeniable presence, the energetic gesture, a subtle humor perfectly balanced. While belonging to the world of "old politics", she remains a symbolic figure inseparable from the current Lebanese democratic life. She defines herself maliciously as not being a model of Grandmother,
Prestige issue 87, August 2000
The head for Lebanon tells The chain of roasters that celebrates the culinary arts Back from France, where she participated in the festivities on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the chain of roasters, the head for Lebanon Arlette Mabardi tells us the highlights shared with delegations from 26 foreign countries. She also describes the events that took place in Lebanon on the 5th
Prestige issue 89, October 2000
Karam Melhem Karam: A heavy patronyme. Probably because in the language of Gibran and Neaimeh, it means generosity. An attribute that is not sufficient to describe the monument that Karam Karam bequeathed to the"Arab literature and the press of the Orient, encyclopedic. A world of two thousand books. It is to his son who knew how to honor this legacy that we
Prestige issue 87, August 2000
At the head of Nissan, 7th cars manufacturer in the world, Charles Ghosn 46, former executive chairman of Renault. Chameleon, world citizen, he speaks five languages ​​and the universal language of business: the cost «killer» goes to the rescue of the Japanese giant, steel hand in a velvet glove.
Prestige issue 236, March 2013
Symbol of a major culture of pleasure and friendship around a good table across the world, the World Association of gastronomy or Chaine des Rotisseurs now has some 25,000 members in over 60 countries. Rooted for more than seven centuries in France of King Louis IX, the Chain is dedicated to the promotion of
Prestige issue 86, July 2000
She is a singer, dancer, actress, I mean, all three at once, graduate from IESAV, muse of author theater, she's playing the musical Et il ressuscita le troisième jour that is now playing at Casino du Liban, are we born star or do we become one? Answer from a lady who does not believe in luck.
Prestige issue 254, September 2014
Her career took off when she was only thirteen years with Jean Reno in "Leon: The Professional." Since then, the Oscar winner actress for her role as Nina in "Black Swan" makes success after success. At thirty-two, the muse of the new foundation of Dior, Diorskin Star, continues to seduce with her freshness and natural
Prestige issue 255, October 2014
In Lebanon, talk show hosts can be counted on the fingers of one hand. This business is it so difficult to exercise? It seems so, as these experts of knowing how to talk and the culture of dialogue enjoy alongside the talent, essential qualities, such as general knowledge, thorough preparation and direct and decent language. If in
Prestige issue 255, October 2014
Researcher, philanthropist, writer and art lover, Rebecca Russo is one of the most important art collectors in Europe. The curatorial line of her Videoinsight Collection is based on selecting contemporary art that contains a high psychological impact and offers a real psycho-diagnostic and psycho-therapeutic potential. The italian clinical psychologist
Prestige issue 82, March 2000
It is true there are thousands of stars in the sky ... Yet, there is always one that shines brighter than the others. It shines because it is beautiful, sweet and generous. Nazek Hariri surprises by her sincerity. Under a fragile appearance lies a discreet and warm woman. She loves to laugh and hates the protocol. Her spontaneous smile hides a secret: do with love what others do with duty.
Prestige issue 100, September 2001
To better perceive things, we better look from afar ... True to himself, with this addition, the quiet strength acquired through ordeals, an easy verb, always eloquent, often touching, when he speaks about the past, the character remains elusive. The most intellectual of politics and the most political between intellectuals,
Prestige issue 145, June 2005
Behind this impressive legend, called Nicolas G. Hayek, with a reputation of rebellious and provocative, there is a charming man with a child's heart. Life has taught him to be wary, but once confident, he reveals a character full of humor, very friendly and very human. Despite his brilliant success, he kept the same motivation for work

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