Prestige issue 252, July 2014
The House of Dior always knew how to dream. Dreaming of women and their beauty, pleasure and freedom. It is a desire of joy, youth and daring, creative bound that establishes the identity of Dior. Marked by this legacy, Dior Addict adds a new chapter to its universe, an Eau de Toilette with immediate charm, spicy and subtle at the same
Prestige issue 257-258, Dec.2014-Jan.2015
Odors are all around us. In nature with buds, in front of a bakery, in the kitchen ... We love it or do not love it. Certain smells evoke emotions, like a true elixir of joy in life, others have a negative effect on mood. Initially, before using them to seduce, fragrances were relaxing remedies.

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