Prestige issue 257-258, Dec.2014-Jan.2015
Odors are all around us. In nature with buds, in front of a bakery, in the kitchen ... We love it or do not love it. Certain smells evoke emotions, like a true elixir of joy in life, others have a negative effect on mood. Initially, before using them to seduce, fragrances were relaxing remedies.
Prestige issue 252, July 2014
The House of Dior always knew how to dream. Dreaming of women and their beauty, pleasure and freedom. It is a desire of joy, youth and daring, creative bound that establishes the identity of Dior. Marked by this legacy, Dior Addict adds a new chapter to its universe, an Eau de Toilette with immediate charm, spicy and subtle at the same
Dior is pleased to announce Johnny Depp as the upcoming face of a brand-new men's fragrance. For Dior, and for the first time ever, Johnny Depp has agreed to be the face of a men's fragrance. A major first for this unique artist and for the House of Dior as it unveils its new fragrance composed by François Demachy. Johnny Depp is known for a full range of many talents.
Prestige issue 255, October 2014
By creating Dior Homme Fragrance, François Demachy, Dior Perfume Creator wanted to offer the quintessence of Dior Homme. A unique olfactory signature sleek and immediate, of carnal attraction, where force and subtlety are mixed, where sophistication refuses ostentation .A new Dior Homme is born. Amazing leathery scent of caressing manhood, nobility of raw materials, extreme concentration, subtle intensity and creative daring.

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