Prestige issue 250, May 2014
Symbol of a unique art of living, its chandeliers have shed light through years and centuries. The house of crystal Baccarat, founded in Lorraine in 1764 with the authorization of King Louis XV, remains the most prestigious manufacture of the world
Prestige issue 263, June 2015
Honoring the intelligence of the crystal and its timeless elegance, Baccarat, the 250 years old House of crystal, has just celebrated the opening of its first «Baccarat Hotel & Residences» in New York. A unique and exceptional place,
Bokja was officially born in 2000, after a serendipitous meeting and project got us together. Our mutual passion for antiques, textiles, and handicraft took us on a journey to the countries of the Silk Road and Asia, where we amassed an archive and knowledge of traditional crafts
To the image of Como lake, the lake of all passions, CastaDiva Como Resort & Spa is a fabulous destination combining luxury and history. Designed around Villa RoccaBruna, an XVIIIth century residence on the waterfront of the lake

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