Prestige issue 266, September 2015
In a Belle Epoque spectacular setting favorable for escape, close to the Gare Saint-Lazare, the Hilton Paris Opera, from the chain Hilton Hotels & Resorts, world leader in upscale hotels founded in 1919 and star of the brand Hilton Worldwide is the new place of rendez vous to relax
Prestige issue 256, November 2014
The Phoenicians exported already, for over 4000 years their jars of wine and developed vineyards and wine cellars. Later, in Roman times in the middle of the second century BC, a temple was dedicated to Bacchus, the god of wine, in the region of Baalbeck. It was in the Bekaa Valley that viticulture has developed first. The monks used to produce wine for religious purposes. Today, the culture of vineyards conquered several areas including Mount
Prestige issue 263, June 2015
«House on a Dune», bears the signature of Chad Oppenheim, the visionary architect who recently completed a spectacular private residence, elegant, minimalist and comfortable on the sea, in Bahamas. Located on Harbour Island, in a breathtaking environmental
Prestige issue 263, June 2015
Honoring the intelligence of the crystal and its timeless elegance, Baccarat, the 250 years old House of crystal, has just celebrated the opening of its first «Baccarat Hotel & Residences» in New York. A unique and exceptional place,
Prestige issue 283, Feb. Mar. Ap. May 2017
The center for permanent training of the Antonine University UA organized from October 6 2016 until the 8th, in collaboration with the Cercle Drouot Contemporain-Paris, a training entitled «Let's talk about contemporary art!»
As part of the days celebrating European heritage on September 17th and 18th, the prestigious residence of the ambassadors of France in Lebanon, known as «La Résidence des Pins» opened for the first time its doors to the public.

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