Where does the water that feeds the Jeita Grotto come from?

Prestige issue 256, November 2014
The project of the Lebanese Cave Diving Project began in 2013 with the discovery of underwater cave of 1000m at Nabay arriving at a depth of 43m. The purpose of the Lebanese Cave Diving Project is to explore and build maps of underground caves, and to educate and train future cave divers. The project Jeita66 followed with the

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Scoop! A wreck found

Prestige issue 111, August 2002
The fishermen were accustomed to cast their nets over this particular area of fish off Tripoli. This intrigued Walid Noshie because divers know, fish are attracted by wrecks. Walid therefore decided to explore it with his team of the NISD. After four failed attempts, due to poor visibility and currents, one day per 60 meters deep, an elongated shadow loomed before the astonished eyes of the divers.

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The Ghost ship of Batroun

Prestige issue 117, February 2003
The sea jealously guards its secrets, but sometimes it consents to unveil a mystery. These boats buried there are not only wrecks, each carries a story, a drama. Old fishermen are their guards who took out of the sea lessons of life, who have drawn their wisdom there. Of the wreck we explored, we know one thing: a ship carrying

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Saidoun The Sunken City

Prestige issue 118, March 2003
Once there was Saidoun, a lost city island, which disappeared into the depths of the sea, an island that created so many legends and raised envy; we end up believing that only it existed in the imagination of Phoenician and Greek historians, until … when a diver discovered quite by chance, one kilometer off Sidon, the remains of a city.

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