To celebrate the launch of the new coffee machine with espresso capsules, the main producer of Espresso in Lebanon Barista Espresso, invited all media and founder of Barista Espresso at an all Italian brunch at the Terrace of La Posta restaurant in Achrafieh. The new machine available in red, black and military green, is designed specifically for offices and places of residence.
Prestige issue 271, February 2016
It was from Geneva that Danièle de Picciotto, together with her daughter Jasmine Busson who lives in Paris, organized, in every detail, the great lunch they gave at the Equestrian Club of Beit Mery belonging to Jasmine. Note that this is the only equestrian covered club in Lebanon. Danièle who knows how to do things well, had planned in order to entertain her guests,

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