Prestige issue 268, November 2015
Why did you choose children's shoes? Being the mother of a little girl, I had trouble finding nice shoes for children both funky and comfortable. So I decided to get into this field
Prestige issue 264-265, July-August 2015
It is not I who have chosen it, but rather it chose me! From a young age, beads and embroidery fascinated me and made me dream. I also grew up in a family of artists who appreciate art in all its forms. My grandfather had a talent for drawing, very rare thing at the beginning of last century. My father had art in the blood
Prestige issue 275, June 2016
Who are you? Tell us about your studies ... My career in the world of design is characterized by a series of practical experiences in various fields of creation. I made my professional beginnings in communication, designing commercials, graphic design ...
Prestige issue 261, April 2015
She inherited her passion for shoes. Daughter of a shoes manufacturer, Aruna Seth, after her studies at the London College of Fashion, decides to launch her brand of shoes in London. After the success encountered, Aruna, an engaged designer, develops her line which encounters an international success.
I always liked to wear clothes and accessories in the image of my lifestyle and my way of being. That's why when I started in the universe and the adventure of creating with my brand Monilya, it was natural to direct my energy towards the design of accessories that reflect my tastes

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